Streckkodsläsare IG 300



IG 300 is a high performance handheld 2D image scanner, which provides the customer with the most cost-effective solution in the market.
It is perfectly suitable and definitely the best choice for any retailers using POS environment.
IG300 supports 1D/2D barcode scanning, reading depth up to 440 mm, scan rate is up to 200 scans / per second in linear emulation and 56 images / per second in 2D mode.


Supports 1D/2D barcode scanning
2D omini-directional decoding and imaging capabilities
Optimal image sensitivity and dynamic range
Reading depth up to 440 mm
Supports RS232, HID KBW USB and Virtual Comport USB Interface


Sensor: Area Image CMOS
Light Source: Visible Red light 632nm LED
Depth Of Field: 440 mm@20mil/0.5mm,PCS90%
Resolution: 5mil/0.125mm@PCS90%
Ambient Light: 100,000 Lux Max.
Power Voltage: 5V DC ± 5%
Reading Consumption 435mA
Indicator Beeper and LED
Scan Rate in1D mode: 200 Scans/sec
Scan Rate in 2D mode: 56 Images/sec
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C
Relative Humidity: 20% to 85%
Drop: 40 inch(100cm) drop on Concrete
Housing Material: ABS & Rubber
Interface: RS232/USB
Cable Straight:.5 ft.
Connector: RJ45 Phone Jack
Weight: Approx. 135