Streckkodsläsare SD 500


The SD500 is an elegant designed handheld CCD scanner which preserved the characteristics of previous product line with high performance and most cost effective solution.
Aside from the primary of excellence mechanical design, it has contact and middle reading distance, 50 mm reading window, 300 scans / second; detachable cable, 3-in-1 interface.


Compact and slim size
High scan rate
Contact to middle reading range
Quick-release cable design for 3 in 1 interface
Support GS1 DataBar (RSS code


Interfaces: RS232 / USB / KBW
Depth of field: 100 mm @ PCS90% 0.5 mm
Width of field: 50 mm from window
Scan Rate: 200 scans / sec
Resolution: 4mil / 0.1 mm @ PCS90%
Ambient Light: 50.000 Lux Max.
Reading Indicator: Beeper and LED
Drop: 100 cm drop on Concrete Surface