Streckkodsläsare för placering i kassadisk

Scantech Libra L-7050

Scantech Libra 7080i

Libra 7080i received optimistic criticism from its outstanding features like protection IP rating, one meter shock resistance, its strong endurance design and automatic sleep and wake-up function which saves power and extends a product’s life. The wall mount feature also provides friendly installation for any suitable placement and is specially devised for retail space and from its contemporary design.
This powerful scanner has 6 directional scan fields, with dense 24 scan lines pattern, equipped with superior 2000 scans/second and support combo interface for easily only a cable change. For added flexibility, the scanning head can be tilted forward and backward within a 102° range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes. Libra’s elegant outlook provided outstanding quality in design and conventional retail requirements



High Performance
IP42 rating and 1m drop resistance
Read all 1D & 2D standard bar codes include GS1 Databar
Automatic sleep and wake-up mode
Adjustable scan head can be tilted forward and backward within 102° range
STAR code reconstruction software
Scanner tuner software allows programming and set up of scanners
Color: Black, Beige


Physical Characteristics:Depth: 97.71 mm , Width: 94 mm,
Height: 161.51 mm
Power: DC input to scanner: 5V DC,
250mA Power
output: 1.25 Watt @ +5 V DC
Interfaces: RS232, KBW, USB
(HID and COM port emulation).
Power USB (optional)
Depth of field: 650 nm visible laser diode up to
250 mm @ 0.33mm /13mil, 90% PCS
(Performance may be impacted by bar code
quality and environmental conditions)
Scan pattern: 6 direction scan fields,
24 lines scan pattern
Scan rate: 2000 scans/sec
Tilted: 22° forward or 80° backward
Light level: Max 4000 LUX
Barcode types: Automatically discriminates all standard
1D bar codes include GS1 databar,
family; Omnidirectional,
Stacked; Omnidirectional,
Expanded; Expanded.
Stacked; Truncated and Limited
Operating Temp.:0°C – 40°C
Storage Temp.: – 20°C – 60°C
Humidity: 20% ~ 95% RH (non – condensing dew)
Laser Safety: IEC 825-1 (2001) Class I, U.S.
CDRH: 21CFR1040 Class II a.
Electrical Safety: EN60950 second edition